The Morale and Welfare Activity (MWA) is searching for dedicated, reliable, and enthusiastic members to join our dynamic team!  Our organization offers opportunities for positions at JFC's Fitness Center and Sports Complex, Hotel, International Conference Center, Movie Theater, Arts & Crafts Center, Library, Auto Care Center, and Swimming Pool. 

You can find yourself performing a variety of duties, such as: 

customer service, administration/clerical tasks, event assistance, tasks associated with cleaning and maintenance, and guiding/assisting creative classes.


We offer flexible schedules and hours, as some of our activities offer weekend and evening services.

Our starting contracts guarantee 10 hours each month.  You can meet just the 10 hours or add more hours as you are available and as activities have need.  You can also work in a variety of MWA activities and facilities.  This part-time position offers our team members the flexibility to pursue other interests and gain experience working in a collaborative and exclusive NATO environment.  Other benefits include above-minimum wage salaries, travel allowance, and social security, as Dutch Law requires.



Based on a recent agreement between NATO and NLD government, NON-EU DEPENDENTS will not need a work-permit to work in the NLDs. 


What are you waiting for? Come join our team!  Our current vacant positions are listed below with desired qualifications!

Please read the vacancy notifications carefully,

and all application forms must be emailed directly to:



NAF LWR Application Form
Please download and fill out this application form to apply for below mentioned job positions. Email to:
Application form NAF LWR.pdf
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JFCBS Head of Non-Appropriated Fund Accounting ***Application Closing Date: 24 March***
Serve as the Non Appropriated Fund Resource Manager, providing fiscal
oversight, analysis, and advisory services for non-appropriated (NAF) fund
Head of Non-Appropriated Fund Accounting
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JFCBS Marketing Representative ***Application Closing Date: 7 April***
As a JFC Marketing Representative, you will manage the communication with the NATO community across social media platforms and via our newsletter. You will help our activities create engaging communication products. Your skills and experience in engaging customers will be vital in the awareness of events and participation of our NATO community members. We look forward to welcoming you to our team! Please see the vacancy notification for more details and on how to apply.
We look forward to you joining our team!
Vacancy notification NAF LWR Marketing R
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JFCBS Universal Assistant ***Application Closing Date: 7 April***
As a Recreation Assistant, you will have the opportunity to support multiple facilities and equipment that keep NATO members mentally and physically fit for duty. It is no small task. JFCs Fitness Center and Sports Complex have over 500 pieces of equipment, 6 Sports fields, 8 storage facilities, a playground, and a recreation area to maintain. As a Recreation Assistance, you will also prepare and assist the International Conference Centre’s venues in hosting multiple events ranging from official functions to community events and private engagements. MWA needs a valuable team to keep this activity alive for the betterment of our NATO community.
We look forward to you joining our team!
Vacancy notification NAF LWR Morale and
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JFCBS Swimming Pool Life Guard Vacancy Notification
As a JFC Pool Lifeguard, you will enjoy flexible hours, free certification training and access to MWA activities. You might even get the opportunity to save a life! We are eager for you to join our team. Please see the vacancy announcement for more details and on how to apply.
Vacancy Notification NAF LWR Swimming Po
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