Sauna (30 mins)

Sauna is available during lap swim.

Minimum age requirement for sauna usage is 16 years old.

Customers should expect two persons per slot and are permitted to book a maximum of 3 slots per week, and a maximum of 1 slot per day. 1 slot = 30 min.

Note: Please be advised this is a co-ed sauna, and it is very likely space may be shared with someone of the opposite gender. At a minimum, all participants are required to be covered in a towel.


Public Swim (90 mins)

Customers can only sign up for one session of 90 mins. All sign ups must be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Individual sign-ups are required for groups or families.

Note: Payments by card only, will be taken prior to the public swim session.


Lane Swim (40 mins)

Minimum age requirement for lap swimming is 16 years old.

Swimmers should expect 2 persons per lane and are permitted to book a maximum of 2 slots per week. 1 slot = 40 min.

Note: Swimmers who require a longer training period can book 2 slots per day.


* The sauna is also available in 30 minutes increments during Lane Swim.  Online reservations required for all services.