Newcomers to JFC Brunssum

Step 1:

Review Your Newcomers Guide

Step 2:

Obtain A Dutch Bank Account!

Obtaining a Dutch bank account is critical for obtaining a rental property, cell and internet plans. 
ABN AMRO instruction to open bank account for expats.
  • A BSN number is not required.
  • Set up an in-person appointment at the Maastricht branch by emailing or call +31 020-3434-422.
  • Opening Hours: 1000 - 1500 (Mon - Fri)

Step 3:

How To Find A Home Before Your Arrival or on Arrival!

  • The International Housing Office located on JFC Brunssum can help you find a home suitable to your needs. 
  • Our professionals will help you during the house hunting process and guide you to your new home.
  • Before arriving you can follow our Instagram Page (int.housingoffice) to view what homes are currently available. 

Step 4:

How to Register Your Car


Visit the Car Craft Center's page for more information on the APK, pricing, and how you can schedule your appointment. 

Step 5:

Learn About the Community?

Learn more about what JFC Brunssum has to offer you and your family!

Explore this website and follow our Facebook Page "Brunssum Happenings" to stay current with what we have to offer.  


On this site you can view the Monthly MWA Newsletter, bringing you a list of all events happening on:


NATO- Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum HQ

  • Morale & Welfare Activities 
  • JFC Clubs
  • Local Business Affiliates 

NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen, Germany, and  U.S. Army Garrison Benelux Brunssum, Netherlands.