Our five-bay Car Craft Center offers a wide range of general and specialized automotive tools and equipment for do-it-yourself automobile enthusiasts and drop-off service.  Additionally, our master mechanics can perform oil changes, brakes, wheel balancing, gas welding, steam cleaning, and headlight while assisting you with your minor automotive needs.  The Car Craft Center also has computer analyzers to perform diagnostic tests, ensuring your vehicle meets standards.    


Operation Hours:


Monday - Friday: 0800 -1630

Thursday: 0800 - 2000

Saturday: 0800 -1330

Closed on Sundays & NATO holidays.






Contact Us:


Phone: +31 (0) 45 526 3173



Bldg. H-402

What We Offer


  • Vacuum Cleaner 
  • Tire Change
  • Tire Balance
  • Tire Repair
  • Wheel Change
  • Hydraulic Press - Assisted



  • Brake bleeding and Fluid
  • Battery Charging (in Shop)
  • Battery Disposal
  • Oil Change


Mechanic Service

  • Oil Change
  • Winter Check
  • Summer Check



What`s that?


The APK (Algemene Periodieke Keuring) tests the roadworthiness of vehicles required at the European level to increase traffic safety while reducing the environmental impact. This is a periodic check carried out by an APK auditor. If a vehicle passes the test, an APK test report is always generated.



To ensure traffic safety, the vehicle must be returned to a workshop for repairs after the APK test. The test is independent of the vehicle`s regular inspection and must be conducted in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Spain.


Should your car be rejected, the re-inspection within 28 days is FREE!


Do It Yourself Lift



  • One bay will be reserved for DIY work (the last bay towards CCS)
  • No appointment is required for DIY, a first come, first serve basis.
  • Tools will be sanitized after work is completed.
  • A mechanic will be available to oversee work or if help is needed.
  • Only one person is allowed to work on the car; no friends or family at this time. For assistance, please see our staff.

Price List