Operation Hours:

Mon - Sun: Dawn to Dusk

Closed on NATO holidays.


Group activities are allowed. Contact the Fitness Center at to schedule your next event. Outdoor activities and the BBQ area can be used with no more than 50 people in the area at one time.


Only 2 people from different households may be seated at the same table at 1.5 meters apart.



Contact Us:

Phone: +31 (0)45 526 3170 / 3171






Bldg. H-802






Please email the Fitness Center at To better assist with the timeliness of your reservation, include the below information in your request:

  • Hosting Organization
  • Event Purpose
  • Booking POC: An individual is preferred, but an office can be accepted in certain circumstances.
  • POC Commercial Phone
  • POC Email
  • Event Date(s)
  • Event Timings
  • # of People
  • Areas Requested
  • Special Equipment Requested
  • Are Showers/Dressing rooms requested?
  • Fully completed JFC Event License



Event License as of July 6, 2021
Events Licence New.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 239.9 KB


  • Jogging Track (400m)
  • 3 Tennis courts
  • 1 Tennis Wall
  • 1 Long jumping system
  • 4 Soccer Fields with 2 big Soccer goals (1 flexible & 1 fix) & 3 pair of junior goals 
  • 2 Rugby Fields with 1 pair of Rugby goal
  • Mobile Bar


  • BBQ / Party Hall (covered) one side open, three sides closed
  • 4 BBQ Hot Spots
  • Fridge 
  • Electricity
  • Water (cold / warm)
  • Light
  • Tables / Chairs
  • Stainless steel tables




You can book the BBQ area for a special event such as birthday party, delegation events, Eastern party, Summer party and so much more.  We have the best location for your event whether it will be outdoor or indoor.  With our unprintable weather, you made the right choice when you book with us.


We offer you the location with all the necessary equipment, and the ability to hire our staff for assistance during the event. 



You want to make a special event and want to sleep outdoor? NO PROBLEM! Bring your own tent and camp with all your friends at the sports fields. We have shower rooms for women and men available for your use on site.