The ICC has reception rooms for private and official functions and is open to all members of the HQ JFCBS community, including the National Support Units.


Various events include international coffee mornings, Christmas Markets, charity nights, spouses club parties, Kings Day, and more.  


The ICC also hosts a Language Program where you can register to learn multiple languages.  


Price List:

Price List
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Event License as of June 2022
70-02 Ref. E. - Event Licence (06-2022)
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Limburg & Alliance Rooms


The Limburg and Alliance Rooms are each equipped with projectors and computer connections, comfortably seating 20 people.  Seating can increase to accommodate 40 people for more space by retracting the wall between the Limburg and Alliance Rooms.  


On the side of both rooms, you will find windows allowing natural light daylight, which provides a pleasant atmosphere. 


Oranje Nassau Suite


The Oranje Nassau Suite has space for up to 176 people standing.


Officers Bar


The Officers Bar has space for up to 139 people standing.


Main Stage


The Main Stage has space for 100 to 150 people.





Main Bar


 The Stage has space for 10 people.

Atlantic Room


The Atlantic Room has space for 20 people and it is equipped with a projector.

Treaty Room


This room has space for 20 people and it is equipped with a projector.

Dinning Room

 The Dining room has space for up to 277 people standing. 

Sports Bar

 The Sports Bar has room for up to 136 people standing.

Hours of Operation:


Mon - Fri: 0900 - 1500

Closed on weekends & NATO holidays.

Contact Us:

Phone: +31 (0)45 526 3188




Ouverbergstraat 1

6445 PC, Brunssum