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General Information



Accommodation in the Netherlands is controlled by local authorities requiring, by law, that each individual be formally registered in the area concerned. Therefore, personnel are to inform the HQ JFCBS International Housing Office immediately after finding accommodation. This office will prepare the necessary registration certificates and present them to the local authorities and utility companies. Change of accommodation (other than that arranged by a National Support Unit) must also immediately be reported to the International Housing Office. 






Rental Rules:

  • Accommodation may only be used in accordance with its designed purpose.
  • It must be left in the same condition as when it was taken over.
  • At the start of the rental period a deposit of one month’s rent is usually required. At the termination of the rental period the money is refunded, after subtraction of the cost of any necessary repairs.
  • Unless the contract states differently, the normal term of notice in the Netherlands is one rental month. Before ending the rental contract, contact our office for assistance.






The utility company Engie will charge you every month for the use of gas and electricity. Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg (WML) will charge you for the use of water.


Note: Contact International Housing Office for connections or re-connections of utilities to assure that the right Value Added Tax exemption is included in your contract. U.S. personnel should contact the U.S. Army Housing office. Supplies are normally cut off on change of occupancy until the new occupant asks for re-connections.


Private telephone and internet connection can only be installed into a private residence after an agreement has been made between an individual and the provider. The International Housing Office will provide you with all necessary information


For all Dutch bills (WML, electrabel, etc.) you need a Dutch bank account. For more information click here.


Pertinent Facts About Utilities:


  • Electricity supply in the Netherlands is 50-cycle, single phase, 220 Volt A.C. as opposed to the 60-cycle, 110 Volt used in the United States. Fittings are of the European type and differ from US standards. 
  • The gas used in the Netherlands is natural gas. In most places it is possible to hire gas appliances for heating, kitchen and bathroom water at low rates. This will also include maintenance.
  • Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg provides domestic water supply. The water in Limburg is, in most locations, categorized as “hard” water. 



For connections, the International Housing Office will assist you.