Rules During 24/7 Fitness Access:


  • All individuals 18 years and older must register, receive the verbal briefing provided by the JFC Fitness Center Staff, and sign a Statement of Understanding (SOU) form provided by the JFC Fitness Center in order to participate in 24/7 fitness access.
  • An access key (FOB) is mandatory for each gym patron (18+).
  • One key FOB is permitted for one entry for the authorized patron.
  • Gym patrons sharing access keys or holding the door open for any other person will result in a loss of privilege.
  • Gym patrons acknowledge that there will be no supervision or assistance during unmanned hours and are expected to behave in accordance with good standards of conduct and discipline.
  • Surveillance cameras will be recording activities within the fitness center. Actions such as theft, intentional damage to the property, and any other inappropriate/illegal activity, including violations of rules, will not be tolerated and will be reported.
  • Gym patrons acknowledge that there may not be anyone in the facility to assist/ respond in case of an emergency.
  • It is required that patrons utilize the Buddy Concept during unmanned hours. The "Four Eyes" rule will be enforced. There must be a person able to see you while you work out. 
  • The use of cardiovascular and selective equipment is recommended versus free weights to mitigate users’ risk.
  • A spotter is required when training free weight bars. If a spotter is not available- weight stoppers must be used. It is highly recommended to refrain from performing max weight/repetitions attempts of exercise above training limits and experience.
  • Gym patrons acknowledge that JFC is not responsible for protecting personal property.
  • In case of an emergency or power outage, dial x2000.


  •  First Offense: 30-day suspension of 24/7 Fitness Access
  • Second Offense: 90-day suspension of 24/7 Fitness Access


  • Third Offense: Permanent loss of 24/7 Fitness Access


Suspended members can only use the Fitness Center during manned gym office hours.


At the discretion of the Morale & Welfare Operations Manager or MWA Branch Head, depending on the severity of an incident, listed or not listed, the above offenses may be skipped, and a member's access can be immediately revoked.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Please see the document below for a full description of our facility rules. 


JFC Fitness Center Facility Rules.docx
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