The Arts & Crafts Center is perfect for exploring your creative side. Our center features a pottery wheel corner, frame shop, and engraving center. It's the ideal place to get personalized gifts for any occasion. We also offer a variety of classes for adults and children. 

Frame Shop

Discover the Perfect Frame

Are you looking to add a touch of elegance and personality to your cherished artwork, photos, or memorabilia? Look no further than the Arts & Craft Fram Shop, your premier destination for custom framing solutions!


Why Choose Us?


Custom Framing Excellence: Our expert artisans specialize in creating frames tailored to your unique taste and style. Whether it's a contemporary design or a classic look, we craft frames that complement and enhance your precious pieces. 


Unmatched Quality: We source materials to ensure your frames are not just beautiful, but also durable and long-lasting. Every frame is crafted with precision and care.


Versatile Options: From shadow boxes for your three-dimensional items to intricate matting designs, awe offer a wide range of framing options suitable for any project. 


Personalized Service: At the Arts & Craft Frame Shop, we believe in personal touch. Our friendly and knowledgable staff will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, offering expert advice and creative ideas. 




 Unleash Your Creativity!

Join us every Thursday for Open Studio Thursdays at the Arts & Craft Center! Whether you are an experienced artist or just beginning your creative journey, our space is your space to bring your imagination to life.


 Explore Our Studio

Our studio is equipped with everything you need to create your masterpiece:

·         Painting: Dive into a world of colors with our wide array of paints, brushes, and canvases.

·         Sculpting: Mold your ideas into reality with our sculpting tools and materials.

·         Pottery: Spin the wheel and shape your dreams with our pottery equipment and kilns.


 Find Your Oasis

At the Arts & Craft Center, we believe in the power of art to soothe the soul and ignite the mind. Our studio is a welcoming oasis where you can relax, experiment, and let your creativity flow.


 Why Join Open Studio Thursdays?

·         Flexible Hours: Come and go as you please during our open hours.

·         Community: Connect with fellow artists and share inspiration.

·         Support: Our friendly staff is here to assist you with any questions or needs.

·         No Reservation Needed: Just show up and start creating!



Whether you want to paint a landscape, sculpt a figure, or throw a pot, our studio provides the perfect environment to explore your creativity. Let our space be your oasis, where your mind can find peace and your hands can create wonders.


 Join Us!

Don't wait to express yourself. Come to Open Studio Thursdays at the Arts & Craft Center and let your creativity soar! Feel free to stop by the Arts & Craft Center for more information on pricing, equipment availability and more.

Hours of Operation

Mon: Closed

Tues: 1000- 1400

Wed: 1000- 1400

            1800 - 2100 (for classes only, please check the schedule)

Thurs: 1000-1400 

Fri:    1000-1400

Sat & Sun:   Closed

NATO Holidays: Closed

Contact Us

Phone: 045-526-3821





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