The Pilates method can work for everyone – all ages, genders and fitness levels. Pilates can help you manage on-going spine and joint problems including arthritis and osteoporosis, improve mobility, recover from sports injuries, teach you to use your body more effectively to minimize your risk of injury and strengthen the body to enhance performance. Or you may also just be simply looking for an effective way to exercise, strengthen the core muscles of the body and improve your posture.


Studio 33 Pilates is proud to offer group Pilates classes at JFC Gym on different days and times, as well as small group and one-to-one classes at their local small studio.




Currently, the classes are offered at the JFC Fitness Center are as noted below. Sign-ups are required.  Hurry, space is limited!


Mondays - 17:30 @ Fitness Center Spin Room

Wednesdays - 10:30 @ Fitness Center Spin Room (morning BEGINNER session)

Thursdays 17:30 Spin Room

Fridays 11:15 Spin Room (pre-lunch “hardcore half hour Pilates”)


Fee is €10 for an hour and €5 for the half hour. Effective 1 January 2021, fees will be €12 for one hour and €6 for 30 mins sessions.  10 prepaid sessions are discounted and cost €110.


During these difficult times, personalized Pilates is still available via live online sessions - in ‘groups’ and individually. For more information, visit:, email: or call: +44 7834 317 352 or +31 (0)62 1460 598.