The Fitness Center is open for limited use. Morale and Welfare will continue to adhere to all Dutch guidance and BSG will continue to assess risk mitigation measures.

***Masks are required when not actively working out or transitioning between rooms.***


The following guidance and restrictions will apply:


  • The Fitness Center will be available from 0700 to 1700 Monday through Friday.
  • The facility will be locked after hours and only those with 24/7 FOB key may have access after hours.
  • You are required to sign in and sign out of the facility with your contact details for tracing purposes. The entry to the Fitness Center will have two tables at the entrance for all customers to provide this information and answer the standard 5 Covid-19 medical questions.
  • There will be a max capacity limit implemented for each room in the facility. To facilitate this, there are boards at the entrance of some rooms with cards denoting availability for the room. If there is a card available, you may take a card and enter for your workout. If no cards are available, then you may not enter the room and must wait until someone has left and a card is available.
  • Please note, the cardio room (basement floor) is not open due to renovations of the HVAC system.  We will notify you, as soon as it becomes available for usage again.
  •  We ask that all guests limit their workout to 1.5-hour max to allow for others to use the facility.
  • The changing rooms have a max of 15 minutes for showering and recommended 5 minutes if changing only. Please be courteous to others during this difficult time.
  • The following areas do not have a card system and guests are expected to use good judgement in utilizing these areas:
  • Main Hall (Ground floor) – 30 persons
  • Family room (1st floor) – 2 persons
  • Squash courts (1st floor) – 2 persons
  • MMA room (1st Floor) – 4 persons
  • Aerobics room (2nd floor) – 10 persons
  • Please keep the standard Covid-19 spacing of 1.5m between all guests. You are required to keep one machine separation while using workout equipment in the Cardio and Weight rooms. Every other machine in the Cardio Room is blocked for ease; however, this is not possible in the weight bay and it is incumbent upon each user to police themselves and continue to adhere to these precautionary measures, until the restrictions are lifted.
  • You are required to thoroughly clean all equipment after use with the disinfectant provided. It is a shared responsibility for all of us to prevent the spread of Covid-19, especially in a fitness center environment where we are utilizing a close confines and shared equipment. Please contact a member of staff if the cleaning supplies need to be restocked.
  • The towel program is temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions. It is mandatory that all guests bring their own towels and continue to use the towels on all equipment according to the standard policy.
  • Sauna - Opening hours: Mon – Thu at 0900-1600


                 - No booking needed, first come first serve

                 - Max of 1 person allowed at one time

                 - Max of 30 min per person 

  • Group classes/events are authorized with reservations. HIT takes place in the Main Hall.  However, spinning is not available due to lack of instructors.
  • Boxercise & Kick Boxercise – Starting 7 June, group classes take place at 12.00 – 13.00.  For additional information and scheduling requests, please contact our trainer Frank at or +31 63 813 1644.
  • Pilates  Starting 7 June, group classes take place:

Mon:  17.30-18.30 /Top floor

Wed:  11.00-12.00 /First Floor

Thu: 17.30-18.30 /Top floor

For additional information and scheduling requests, please contact our trainer                     Caroline at or +44 7834 317 352 / +31 (0)62 1460 598.

  • Fitness Center staff will conduct spot-checks to ensure the rules are being adhered to, in addition to the max capacities in each room and proper social distancing is being followed. 

Please remember that the Fitness Center reopening is a privilege.  If we cannot adhere to these simple measures, we may be forced to re-close the facility to prevent an outbreak.


Thank you for policing yourselves and others, so we can keep our facilities open!