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Step & Dance Tuesday


Step, move, dance and shape yourself with much fun and high energy!


Do you want to 'shape' your body extra? And train your brains with nice and variable choreographies?  Then you are ready for Step & Dance!!


This lesson is built from the basics and supplemented halfway through with special exercises for the upper and lower body. You sometimes use weights and bands of elastic. The uplifting music helps you to keep up with the lesson. Step & Dance gets your body in shape and improves your condition.


This class is remarkably popular with women… Which makes sense, because with Steps you burn excess fat very quickly and you get tighter legs, buttocks, hips and thighs, while it is also just a lot of fun to do!


You get a wonderful Step & Dance lesson with a high feel-good factor. After Step & Dance you'll feel like you've had a nice night out! A high energy start of a brand new day!


Even beginners can challenge themselves by participating in Step & Dance and usually have mastered the steps after a few lessons.


See you in class!! Let's get into shape!


Investment with fun and joy in yourself 8 euro per class.



Combi Fit Thursday


With COMBI FIT, no workout is the same!!


The uplifting music and fun movements make sure you don't even realize you're doing a great workout!


An effective Combination workout to make the best version of you possible! Everything that is good for your body mind and soul is combined during this great workout. From yoga, to dancing, Pilates, Shape, Pump, and steps. You will love this workout, every week you will train yourself to the best version of you possible. 


In a fun way you work on your condition, you burn fat and thus get your body in shape. The warm sounds, exciting rhythms, swinging hips,  powerful exercises and dynamic and powerful mindful movements make you forget that you are doing a fantastic workout!



Investment with fun and joy in yourself 8 euro per class.

Total Body Friday


Get yourself fit during lunchtime! Kickstart your weekend



group lesson you train your whole body to motivational music in one hour. 


Thanks to the combination of cardio, dance aerobic, strength training, balance, flexibility yoga, pilates and relaxation, TBW remains challenging and much fun!


At TBW you train both large and small muscle groups. 


The class is very accessible because the exercises take place on simple movement patterns. So it doesn't matter whether you are an experienced athlete or a novice athlete, everyone can follow the lesson.


See you in class!! Lets smash those sporty goals for the weekend!



Investment with fun and joy in yourself 8 euro per class.