Operation Hours:

Mon - Fri: 0800-1700  

Closed on weekends & NATO holidays.


Fitness center staff is available Mon-Thurs 0900-1600.


Contact Info:

Phone: +31 (0)45 526 3170/3171

Email: fitnesscentre@jfcbs.nato.int  

See a Fitness Center staff member Tues & Weds after noon to receive yours.


Guidance and Restrictions:


The Fitness Center is available during normal (pre-COVID-19) hours of 0800 to 1700, Monday through Friday.  24/7 access key fob holders with a valid after-hours membership will be allowed to resume full after-hours access privileges, contingent on the professional trust that all members will continue to adhere to these guidelines and enhanced cleanliness standards. The same rules still apply for after-hours use as during work hour use.


All customers are required to sign in and out of the facility with your contact details for tracing purposes. The entry to the Fitness Center will have two tables at the entrance for all entrants to provide this information and answer the standard 5 COVID-19 medical questions. This includes all after-hours personnel. We understand the system tracks the 24/7 access keys, but this does not alleviate after-hours members from signing in/out on the physical entry/exit log.

The max capacity limits for each room in the facility are still in effect. To facilitate this, there are boards at the entrance of some rooms with cards denoting availability for the room. If there is a card available, you may take a card and enter for your workout. If no cards are available, you may not enter the room, and must wait until someone has exited.  Please remember to replace the cards, when you exit the rooms!  We ask that all guests limit their workout to 1-hour max during open hours (excluding after-hours usage), to allow for others to use the facility. The changing rooms have a max of 15 minutes for showering and recommended 5 minutes, if changing only.  Please be courteous to others during this difficult time.  The following areas do not have a card system and guests are expected to use good judgement during utilization:


Main Hall (ground floor) – Closed for team sports

Family Room (1st floor) – 2 personnel

Squash Courts (1st floor) – 2 personnel

MMA Room (1st floor) – 4 personnel

Aerobics Room (2nd floor) – 10 personnel

Please keep the standard COVID-19 spacing of 1.5m between all guests, as much as practical.  You are required to keep one machine separation while using workout equipment in the cardio and weight rooms. Every other machine in the cardio room is blocked for ease, however, this is not possible in the weight bay and it is incumbent upon each user to police them-selves, and continue to adhere to these precautionary measures until the restrictions can be lifted.


In order to facilitate thorough cleaning of all the equipment, there will be limited access between 0900 to 1000 in the cardio room, family room, and aerobics rooms, and from 1500 to 1600 in the weight room.  Please continue to bear with these measures so we can ensure a safe and clean environment for our staff and guests.


All customers are required to thoroughly clean all equipment after use with the disinfectant provided.  It is shared responsibilities for all of us to prevent the spread of COVID-19, especially in a Fitness Center environment where we are utilizing a close confine shared space and shared equipment. Please contact a staff member, if the cleaning supplies need to be restocked.

The towel program is temporarily suspended, during these COVID-19 measures. It is mandatory that all guests bring their own towels and continue to use the towels on all equipment according to the standard policy.  This applies to after-hours guests as well, if not even more so due to the long overnight stretch between cleaning.


Classes and organized events are canceled until further notice.  However, there are appointments available with our concessionaires: 


Henk Goblet – Sports Massage / Physiotherapy

Caroline Sawbridge – Pilates / one-on-one

Frank Stollman - Boxing / one-on-one


Fitness Center staff continues to conduct hourly spot-checks to ensure all rules are followed, including the max capacities in each room and maintenance of proper social distancing. 


Please remember that the availability of the Fitness Center is a privilege.  If we cannot adhere to the measures in place, we may be forced to re-close the facility to prevent an outbreak.  The safety of our customers and community is of most importance.  Thank you for your cooperation and professionalism in following and enforcing the mitigation measures!