Operation Hours:

Monday- Thursday 9.00-17.00

Friday 9.00-15.00


*24/7 only for KEYHOLDERS*

Contact us:

+31 45526 3171






From the moment you step into the JFC Fitness Centre, you’ll discover we’re so much more than just a gymnasium. You'll make new friends from across the spectrum of NATO nationalities and find a range of activities to accommodate all levels of fitness ability, experience and sporting prowess. Our friendly and knowledgeable instructors are on hand to assist you in your personal goals and training objectives, be it group classes, or personal training there is something for everyone. The facility is open to all NATO ID card holders and their dependents over the age of 18. For dependents between the ages of 14 and 17 we have a teenager membership scheme allowing them limited unsupervised use of the facility providing they attend a health and safety brief. These teenager briefs are conducted at the Fitness Centre office and require the presence of a legal guardian.



If you want to go to the Fitness Center after working time and/or on weekends ...

Just contact our staff to get instructions for a 24/7 key.



Key rent: 10€ for 6 month and 20€ for 12 month.


 The Fitness Centre is available for use Outside of Normal Working Hours (ONWH) providing the user has attended an ONWH safety and registration brief at the Fitness Centre.


For more information please contact the Fitness Centre.


Eligibility: Active duty military personnel, NATO civilians,

military retirees and dependents aged 18 years and above are

authorized to utilize the Fitness Centre ONWH.



We have personal lockers available for rent at the Fitness Center.

Rentals are for 6 month or longer.  Convenient for sport clothes,  shower necessities,  and  other personal items.


Rental fee 6€ per month. ( for a small locker )

Rental fee 9€ per month . ( for a large locker )


For more information contact our Staff at +31 45526 3171


Meet your personal trainer

for your sports massage contact


On the ground floor of our gym you will find the indoor sports field. You can use it for indoor soccer, badminton , basketball, volleyball,  ju jutsu, pilates classes and HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training). You will also find  shower rooms for men and the Staff Office. In front of the Staff Office there are rackets for squash, badminton and racketball. Tennis rackets can be found by asking at the office. You are of course welcome to bring  your own equipment.


On the first floor we offer a cardio room complete with a dedicated  area for kids. It's a great Mommy Kids sport area.

The woman's shower room is located here  along with two squash rooms and a medium sports room that is used for Marshal Arts.


The second floor of our Fitness Center is home to our big sports room. It is generally used for Yoga, zumba, boxing and spinning classes. There are also bars there for who would like to practice ballet.


In the Fitness Center  basement  you will find a large cardio area with many different steppers, treadmills and cardio bicycles. Behind the cardio area you'll find the weight machine room. We provide a large selection of machines from Life Fitness that accommodate many different exercises. We have  a big dumbbell bar with different weights for free weight exercises. Inside the big cage you'll find additional sports equipment to use with the machines. Next to the weight machines there is a small cardio room complete with two rowing machines and a stretching area.


REMEMBER: Everybody wants to train in a clean, tidy environment so please be careful with all machines.  Also be sure to put all weights back in the weight stands and clean the machines/equipment after using them. Also towels are a must! You can rent them from us for €1 for single use or  30 towels for  €10.