Morale and Welfare Family Support Brunssum offers you a large portfolio of sporting activities at the HQ JFC Brunssum.


We offer you and your Family Tennis courts, an indoor Swimming pool a Gymnasium and a outdoor Sports Field.


Our Swimming pool is located near the main entrance. Please follow the way to the B & S Store and Library then you will see the Swimming pool on the end of the street, left side.

Our Swimming pool Staff offer for Young and Adults different water sport classes. 

Browse all various classes at the Swimming pool page.


The outdoor tennis courts are located directly behind the Swimming pool.


The Gymnasium is located right next to our Theatre and Chapel Centre.

Check out our different areas like the indoor sports field, the cardio rooms, squash rooms, spinning rooms, dancing rooms, aerobic rooms and at the basement the weight lifting room with a dumbbell, a kettlebell area and a separately stretching and lifting room.


We are very proud to offer you many different classes.

You can check our offer on the Gymnasium page / Classes page. Browse the weekly gym class schedule for group workouts ranging from martial arts-inspired cardio classes to carefully paced foundational yoga sessions.


Please check also our weekly workout class schedules for weight lifting group exercises that develop every major muscle group. ( HIT workout and BUFF )


Like to dance?

Then you are very welcome to our Zumba Class. Feel movements with infectious world beats, the hugely popular dance-fitness class

where calories and worries disappear. 

Stretch in workout classes like Pilates, or try one of our beginning, intermediates or advanced yoga classes.


See you at the Gym, the Swimming pool or at the tennis courts.