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Building: H-102



  At your National Delegation/ NSU/NSE or supported entity you will receive the HQ JFCBS Form 162. With this form you can start in-processing.


Passes & Permits Section (building 102, Hendrik Camp, ext. 2580) issues a NATO Identification Card (AMIS card) to assigned NATO personnel (military and civilian) and their dependents, as well as to other supported entities in the Netherlands.


Generally, dependents have to reside with their



 Identification requirement. All Netherlands residents 14 years and older must be able to produce an identification document in public places upon request by authorities. Valid ID papers for

Netherlands nationals can be a Passport, Driver’s license or European ID card. The JFCBS AMIS card is recognized by the Netherlands authorities, to be used as official document for identification. For non AMIS card holders the following applies: Residents of the European Union will have to carry a Passport or a EU/EER residence permit; other nationalities will have to carry their Netherlands Permit of Residence (alien ID card).



Monday 8.15 - 15.30


Tuesday 8.15 - 15.30


Wednesday 8.15 - 15.30


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Friday 8.15 - 14.30


Phone: +31 455 26 2580




  Members of a force or civilian component assigned to HQ JFCBS or supported Entities in the Netherlands (except Netherlands Nationals) are authorized to import their privately owned motor vehicles (POMV); however only up to two POMVs may be registered duty-free for the duration of their assignment

in support of themselves and their dependents. Changes must be immediately reported to the Vehicle Registration Office (building H-102 Hendrik Camp , ext. 2580).


POMV’s are: automobiles, vans and two or three wheeled motor vehicles. For the purpose of registration, trailers, caravans and folding campers come under the category of POMV.

What is required to drive my POMW?

When your vehicle arrives in the Netherlands, you must

be in possession of:

1) Proof of Insurance for each POMV

2) National vehicle registration document

3) Valid driver’s license matching the category of the POMV’s being registered. The registration of POMVs can only take place where the eligible individual has the required categories [i.e. vehicle types] annotated on their licence. For example if a dependant has a motorcycle category but the eligible individual does not, then the motorcycle cannot be registered. Do not forget these documents, because it will be extremely difficult to register your POMV’s without them.


Upon signing into your post at JFCBS, you are no

longer in visitor status to the Netherlands and must register your POMVs no later than 30 days.


Vehicles from North America must be registered within 5 days from receipt and release to you.


What is required to register my POMV?

In order to register your POMV’s and to obtain a HQ JFCBS Certificate of Title and Registration, the following requirements must be met:

Proof of ownership, in the sponsor’s name;

• Proof of insurance for the next 12 months (The insurance company must be registered in the Netherlands and Proof of Insurance must identify the vehicle by chassis number and a current Dutch address)


 National driving license


 Valid JFCBS AMIS Indentification Card



 Where applicable, undertake a written driving test,

which is conducted by your National Support Unit ( i.e.US/UK);


 A Netherlands bank account (for fuel allowance);

 A registration fee of 17 Euro (or 22.50 Euro for “Luxury”




  An APK inspection for vehicles older than two model

years (An equivalent foreign technical inspection must

be less than 3 months old on date of registration)


 The identification number of your vehicle must be physically stamped onto the chassis of the vehicle. European and Japanese-made vehicles normally have the identification number stamped on the chassis by the manufacturer. North American-produced vehicles may not.


 Vehicles can only be registered in the name of

the sponsor, dependents and family members are excluded. Are there special requirements for my caravan or trailer? If you own a caravan or trailer, they must be registered with the Vehicle Registration Office.


 If the authorized gross weight of the caravan or trailer

is below 750 kg you must display the same license plate as the towing vehicle.


 If the authorized gross weight of the caravan of trailer

is above 750 kg, including load capacity, they are

registered as a motor vehicle and receive their own registration and license plate.

May I loan my registered vehicle to others?


 JFCBS-registered personnel may drive other registered

members’ vehicles, with the owner’s permission.


 Normally, non-registered personnel may NOT drive vehicles registered through JFCBS. However, under exeptional circumstances and for urgent reasons, sponsors may requesta Certificate of Loan through the Provost Marshal. Upon approval, this certificate allows appropriately-licensed visiting relatives, who are over the age of 18, to drive their JFCBS-registered vehicle for up to one month.


 Loaning or borrowing of JFCBS-registered caravans is

 not permitted.


To ensure an excellent service and a fast processing for all customers we have improved our procedure when registering in building H 102. We have set up a service terminal for our customers where you can choose between the Service Pass and Permits Office, Vehicle Registration Office, Dutch Custom Office and Value Added Tax Rebate Office.

It makes it easier for all customers. Customer inquiries can be  directly to the relevant department without generating long waiting times.

We hope the service will help you to faster processes.