Registration of HQ JFCBS Personnel and Family Members
All HQ JFCBS military personnel should report to the Military Personnel Branch (MPB)/J1, building H-106, room H 2.39 for in- and out-processing. For inquiries call MPB at ext. 4005.

Military personnel should also coordinate with their National Support Unit for nation- speci c in- and outprocessing. 

All civilian personnel should be processed through the Civilian Personnel Branch (CPB)/J1, building H-106, room H 2.02 for in- and out-processing.
For inquiries call CPB at ext. 2918 or ext. 2265. 

For all categories of personnel HQ JFCBS Form 403A should be used. This will start your, and your family’s, in-processing. A very early visit to the Passes and Permits Office

(Bdg.102, ext. 2580) should follow for official registration purposes. 


Registration of non-Dutch Personnel 

Military members of NATO Forces in the Netherlands are not required to register as aliens; nevertheless they are required to register. Family members of non-Dutch personnel must register, even when both parents are military.

Non-Dutch civilian personnel must also register. Registration must be done at the Royal Marechaussee, Foreign National Registration Office (FNRO) in building H-100 (ext. 3191) within eight days of arrival in the Netherlands. 

Service personnel Non-EU/EEG/SWISS Citizens must produce a valid National military ID card and moving orders. Members of non-Dutch/civilian personnel must produce a valid National Passport, NATO ID, copy lease contract residence. 

On completion of registration, a Permit of Residence (also known as a “Green Card”) will be issued. This is the legal authority for non-Dutch nationals to reside in the Netherlands. The holder must carry this permit at all times. In the Netherlands this may be used as an identity document in place of a passport. 

Loss of a Permit of Residence must be reported in person to the FNRO Office for re-registration. If a permit of Residence is stolen or lost renewal will cost up to 240. 

You don’t have to (must not) register with Town-Hall authorities in the city you are to reside in.
The FNRO is your Town-Hall authority. 


The FNRO must be notified on the following events:
• Arrival
• Marriage 

• Birth
• Death
• Divorce
• Change of address
• Final departure
• All other circumstances affecting alien registration


It is also advisable that notification is given to the FNRO in the event that HQ JFCBS members receive visits of non-Dutch nationals, if their visit to the Netherlands is in excess of eight days. They can be advised on registration of the visitors. 



Newcomers briefings will be given shortly after arrival to all military and civilian newcomers: the Newcomers Induction Training, which is to ensure a newcomer has or obtains the basic skills and knowledge necessary to produce work within this headquarters and become assimilated in the ‘team’. In addition a Functional Area Training should further improve an individual’s 

prociency level in the performance of his job.



Before departure from the Netherlands at end of tour, you are obliged to report to the FNRO and produce your new address and hand in your Permit of Residence. 


Newcomers Guide