Updated 24 Jun 2020



Open Monday-Friday from 1000-1800, with the exception of holidays. Whether you shop for a good price, quality, convenience or a specific item, all your needs will be met at the B&S Central Store duty-free retail shop.


Open for appointments only which can be made by calling the salon at +31 (0)45 526 2957, Monday-Friday from 0830-1700, with the exception of holidays.  Please limit cash transactions. Review Covid-19 policies before making appointments.


Open from dawn to dusk for all activities. Remember to maintain social distancing.  For bookings, please email the Fitness Center at fitnesscentre@jfcbs.nato.int, and cc sportscomplex.jfcbs@gmail.com (please include both).  To better assist with the timeliness of your reservation, include the below information in your request:

Host organization:

Event Purpose:

Booking POC:

*(An individual is preferred, but an office can be accepted in certain circumstances)

POC commercial Phone:

POC email:

Event Date(s):

Event Timings:

# of People:

Areas requested:

Special Equipment requested:

Are Showers/Dressing rooms requested?

Special Events Form continue to be a requirement.  The form can be found at http://web-portal.jfcbs.nato.int/BSG/SES/DE/SitePages/Home.aspx


Open for lap swim Monday-Friday from 1100-1400, with the exception of holidays.  There will be 3 shifts of swimming (1100, 1200 & 1300), limited to 5 patrons per shift. Only JFC personnel are permitted at this time, no family members.


Mitigation Measures: Patrons must schedule a reservation by booking online. Reservations can be viewed/booked up to 8 days into the future. Signups are limited to 5 swimmers per session, and clients can book a maximum of 3 slots per week. In case of a cancellation, customers must return to the booking system and cancel their reservation.  Cancellations must take place as soon as possible; this can still allow someone else the opportunity to book the session. 


Swim Schedule:

Group 1: 1055 arrival, lap swim from 1100-1140, departure 1150

Group 2: 1155 arrival, lap swim from 1200-1240, departure 1250

Group 3: 1255 arrival, lap swim from 1300-1340, departure 1350


Only the frame shop located at the Arts & Crafts Center is open Tuesday-Thursday from 1000-1400, with the exception of holidays.


Mitigation MeasuresOnly one customer at a time at the service desk. Customers must call in advance at +31 (0)45 526 3821 for appointment and pickups.


Open Tuesday-Thursday for in-person appointments, with the exception of holidays. Appointments for new and current members can be requested via email at nato@nl.abnamro.com.  A lot of banking needs can be done via mobile, internet and video banking, so please utilize these methods first prior to making an appointment.


Mitigation Measures: Keep 1.5 m distance during the appointment. A max of 6 appointments are available per day.  Hand sanitizer will be provided in the front of the office, and expect a health safety screening prior to the face-to-face meeting.


Open for in-person services Monday-Thursday from 0900-1230 and 1330-1600, with the exception of holidays. The office is closed on Fridays. For questions or appointments, an AON Insurance representative can be reached at +31(0)45 526 2492 during office hours, or by email at jfc@aon.nl.  As a safety measure, please continue to request assistance via email, when possible.


Mitigation Measures: When visiting the office, customers should expect a health screening and are required to sanitize their hands before entering. Only one customer at a time will be assisted. Anyone walking in while the staff is helping another customer will be required to wait in the lobby. Please continue to maintain a minimum of 1.5 m distance at all times.


Open Monday-Friday from 1000-1500, with the exception of holidays, for APKs, oil changes and other minor vehicle maintenance.  No do-it-yourself/hobby work is permitted at this time.  Customer are required to call +31 (0)45 526 3173 to schedule an appointment.


Open Monday-Friday  from 0900-1400, with the exception of holidays. The ICC is open for small gatherings, conferences, and meetings with a max capacity of 30 people in the main room. Customers are still required to go through the process of completing the event license form which will need to be cleared by Health & Safety, Fire Dept. and IMPs. Bookings can be requested by e-mailing at jfchotel_confcenter@outlook.com or calling the reception desk at +31 (0)45 526 3188.


Available for gatherings with a max of 30 people. Email bajame.kirby@jfcbs.nato.int, juan.pineda@jfcbs.nato.int or walter.sava@jfcbs.nato.int for reservations. Customers are expected to adhere to the mitigation measures in place (1.5 m distance, no handshakes/hugging).



Open Monday-Thursday from 0800-1600 and Friday 0800-1400, with the exception of holidays. You can schedule an appointment by calling +31 (0)45 526 2135.


Open Monday-Friday, with the exception of holidays, from 1100-1300.  The B&S Central Store will providing lunch and snack options at the Miner's Restaurant. Customers are expected to adhere to the mitigation measures in place (1.5m distance, utilize takeaway/outdoor seating).  For more information check out our price list.


Open for drop off and pick-up Monday-Friday from 1200-1600, with the exception of holidays.  Customers can also call +31 (0)45 534 0307, to pick up any prizes won during the Spring Reading Program. For more information check out Library Covid-19 Opening.


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