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Mon - Fri: 0900-1700



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Phone: +31 (0)45 526 4023




Bldg. H-604


B&S Ration Card Policy


To view the B&S Central Store Special Offers, please scan or click the following QR Code.

Covid Restrictions

  • Wear a face mask, disinfecting hands, and keeping 1.5 meters distance from others.
  • The Bean coffee corner is closed.

Tax Free Retail



Whether you shop for a good price, quality, convenience or a specific item, all your needs will be met at the B&S Central Store duty-free retail shop.


At the B&S Central Store you have a wide range of tobacco, spirits, wines, beers, soft drinks, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, watches and much more.


Last year, the B&S Central Store opened the ‘The Bean’ coffee corner where visitors can sit down, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.  We also offer a great lunch deal, where you can get a free drink with any type of sandwich for €5.  As well as a snack deal, where you can get a drink and a chocolate bar or mini pringles for only €1.25.


The ration goods section offers a comprehensive range of tobacco, cigars and spirits.  These goods may be purchased by presenting your valid JFC ID card with blue sticker plus the ration card.  Please note that Dutch civilian staff members are not allowed to purchase any ration goods due to Dutch tax regulations.  If you purchase a barrel of beer there is an option to rent a tap for free, available brands are ALFA & Bit Burger.


Throughout the year, B&S Central Store organizes events for its visitors. We have daily tastings and always different bottles to try.  Additionally, there are whiskey tasting events and many other events like BBQ's and Wild Wine Weeks.


Tax Free Shopping “Downtown” As well as shopping tax-free on base, you can also go “downtown”. This tax scheme allows all HQ JFCBS staff members, except for Dutch nationals, to buy an extensive range of goods from licensed local traders free of value-added tax (BTW). The scheme covers a wide range of goods, the only government-imposed exclusions being: • Food, drink and tobacco goods. All of these can be bought tax-free at the B&S Central Store- Tax free retail shop. • Any single item less than 46 euro, including VAT. 

Tax free Shopping EU Market: JFC 15-10 tax-free scheme allows entitled personnel to purchase, free of value-added tax (VAT/BTW), an extensive range of goods from traders within the EU community. The goods need to be delivered at the entitled person’s host nation address and the entitled person will need to have the good in possession at his address in the Netherlands throughout the 3 years or until the end of their tour at JFC.